Routine Pediatric Dental Care

Routine Pediatric Dental Care

As adults, we understand the importance of taking care of your teeth, but that job becomes even more significant when you become a parent. Many adults take their good dental hygiene habits for granted, but learning to take good care of your oral health is often a trait that is cemented in your early childhood. Taking care of your child’s teeth now can help to ensure that they have a lifetime of strong, healthy teeth.

However, it is certainly one thing to understand you want to create good habits; it is entirely a different matter to help create the pattern. That is why at Fort Worth Children’s Dentistry, we take the extra time to help educate children and parents about proper dental hygiene that extends beyond the office.



Starting the Habits

Great oral health can begin before your infant even has any teeth. This can include regularly wiping down the gums with a wet cloth or gauze. The practice of wiping down the gums helps to remove any debris from the gums but also helps your infant get used to cleaning their mouths.

Once teeth have erupted through the gums, it is important to use a toothbrush that is specifically designed for infants. This toothbrush has a much smaller head and very soft bristles to accommodate the size and sensitivity of an infant’s mouth.

If you haven’t already, it is also a good time to schedule your child’s first dental appointment. Many dentists recommend that an infant have their first checkup around one year of age, even if their teeth have not come through the gum line. Initial checkups help to identify any major issues and also helps to spot potential problems early when they may be easier to correct. Also, the first checkups help to cement a positive memory associated with the dentist so that your child will actually look forward to their dental appointments!

If you have questions about the timing of your child’s first dental visit, contact our offices today. Fort Worth Children’s Dentistry specializes in care for young children, so you know that we can help give you guidance that is right for you and your family.

What Happens at the First Appointment?

One of the most important considerations is to make sure that your child has a good experience at the dentist. For this reason, we will do everything that we can to make sure that your child is comfortable and happy. Some parents may prefer to hold their child throughout the appointment, while others may want to sit in the chair by themselves. We can accommodate based on the needs of your child.

The first appointment typically includes a physical inspection of the teeth. During this inspection, we are looking to see how many teeth have erupted and identify any issues with disease or cavities that may need to be corrected. We also want to look to see if the teeth are twisted or angled in a way that may cause issues with future development or the ability to clean the teeth.

After the physical examination, we also like to conduct regular dental cleaning. This helps to remove any buildup on the teeth that may have been missed with routine brushing and flossing. At this time, we can often provide fluoride rinses and even sealants to help protect the teeth.

While not all children, especially first-time patients, will tolerate x-rays, we often try to get them completed for your child. X-rays can help us identify if there are any issues with the teeth or jaw during the development and formation of the teeth.


If you need a dentist for your child’s first appointment, call Fort Worth Children’s Dentistry today. Our professional and caring staff can take care of all your child’s dental needs.