What to Know Before Scheduling a Pediatric Tooth Extraction?

What to Know Before Scheduling a Pediatric Tooth Extraction?

February 28, 2021 / in / by Fort Worth Children's Dentistry
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Tooth extraction can be quite scary to you, not to mention your child. If you are considering tooth extraction for your child, you need to ensure that both you and your child are prepared for the process. It is not as scary as you imagine, but you need to know the entire process before scheduling an appointment.


Here is a guide on what to expect from a tooth extraction.


What Is Tooth Extraction?


Tooth extraction is a procedure that involves removing a tooth from its sockets. It is only done when there is no other solution to save the tooth.


What Are the Main Reasons for Tooth Extraction?


Before you schedule a pediatric tooth extraction, you should be sure that there are no other treatment options. This is because pulling a child’s tooth can affect how they chew or speak.


One of the reasons for tooth extraction is tooth decay. If your child has tooth decay, it is necessary to pull the tooth out because it may lead to complications such as discomfort and pain.


Another reason for pulling out a tooth is having broken teeth. If your child’s tooth breaks either due to falling or slipping, then your dentist might have to remove it. If your child has overcrowded teeth in the mouth, then a pediatric dentist has to extract them out. Overcrowding happens when the baby teeth fail to fall off.


In other cases, the dentist may also extract a tooth when trying to install braces. If you notice any of these signs, then you are right to schedule an appointment. If not, talk to your pediatric dentist to find another solution for your child’s dental issues.


What Happens During the Procedure?


The procedure of removing a tooth is determined by the reason for extraction and the state of the tooth. If the tooth is visible, the pediatric dentist may choose to numb the area with anesthesia and then pull out the tooth using forceps.


If the dentist cannot see the tooth, then the process might involve removing the surrounding gum tissues before numbing the area. This process might have to use heavier sedation to aid in the process and protect your child from pain.


Tips to Aid the Recovery Process


After tooth extraction, your child is likely to experience swelling and minor discomfort. You can help make their recovery process by using the following tips:

  • Give your child pain medications as per the dentist’s instructions

  • Use ice packs to aid in pain management and ease the swelling

  • Give your child soft foods such as protein shakes, soup, and gelatin

  • Make sure your child gets a full day of rest to recover fully from the anesthesia

  • Avoid brushing your child’s teeth in the area where a tooth was removed

A tooth extraction should not be a traumatic experience. Find a pediatric dentist that has experience and is friendly to children. Fort Worth Children’s Dentistry in Fort Worth, Texas, is a pediatric dental office that strives to give your child the best dental care experience.


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