Tooth Decay: Will my child need a dental crown?

Tooth Decay: Will my child need a dental crown?

June 4, 2014 / in / by childrens dentist
Tooth with crown

Did you know that tooth decay is an infectious disease? The Center for Disease Control identifies dental caries (cavities) as an infectious disease because transmittable oral bacteria cause cavities. In fact, tooth decay is so common that roughly 99% of all people will develop a cavity at some point in their lifetime. When it comes to treating tooth decay, our children’s dentist offers restorative treatments such as fillings and crowns.

Why Tooth Decay Requires Treatment

Unlike other parts of the body such as bones and ligaments, teeth cannot self-repair. Once a tooth is affected by decay or trauma, it must be treated with restorative dentistry to preserve the tooth and prevent further damage. If a cavity goes untreated, it will worsen, leaving your child vulnerable to further damage and discomfort. As a cavity spreads, it will eventually breach the interior structures of teeth, which house sensitive structures such as the roots. If tooth decay spreads to the interior structures of teeth, children often experience toothaches and discomfort. This can lead to difficulty focusing in school and may impair speech.

Treating Tooth Decay with Fillings and Crowns

Our children’s dentist uses restorations such as fillings and crowns to remove decayed areas of teeth and prevent further damage. The type of restoration required depends on the size of the cavity. For example, small areas of decay on the biting surfaces of teeth typically only require a small filling. For larger areas of decay—especially if the interior structures of teeth have become infected—a dental crown is necessary. A crown is a tooth-shaped restoration that fits over the entire tooth. Crowns prevent further damage while restoring the tooth to its rightful shape and size. This allows patients to eat comfortably and maintain a healthy bite.

When it comes to pediatric dentistry, our children’s dentist takes special care to ensure that our patients are comfortable and relaxed during all procedures. Our family-friendly practice will help your child reclaim their oral health and improve their quality of life.

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