How Successful is Root Canal Treatment?

How Successful is Root Canal Treatment?

February 21, 2014 / in childrens root canal / by FWCD-Admin
Root canal treatment

Located inside the tooth, the root canal is an interior, hollow structure that houses nerves and vital cellular material. When extensive decay or dental traumas reach this interior structure, the tooth cannot self-heal and in turn becomes infected and inflamed. An infected root canal normally produces moderate to severe discomfort and leads to the death of a tooth. Because decay is very common among our younger patients, our pediatric dentist may administer children’s root canal therapy to save the affected tooth from extraction. Children’s root canal treatment is a highly successful procedure that alleviates the discomfort associated with infection and protects teeth from further internal damage.

When a children’s root canal is infected, our pediatric dentist will take all measures necessary to ensure patient comfort and relaxation. A root canal involves using precise dental tools to enter the inside of a tooth. Our dentist will then remove the infected material such as pulp and the nerve and clean away all signs of the infection. The inside of the tooth will be sealed with a special rubber-like material that provides support to internal structures and prevents further infection.

After a root canal, restorative dental work such as a filling or crown may be necessary to stop the spread of decay or to hold a damaged tooth together. Restorations after a root canal help ensure that your child maintains optimal tooth function without discomfort and the threat of further damage. Fillings and crowns restore a damaged tooth’s size and shape so that children can chew foods comfortably.

When administering children’s root canal treatment and restorative dental work, our pediatric dentists take special care to promote a worry-free and comfortable experience. Children will be administered the proper level of anesthetic medicine necessary to ward off discomfort and mild sedation may be administered in the form of nitrous oxide gas to keep young ones at ease during their procedures.

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