Start Your Child’s School Year Off Right with a Dental Checkup

Start Your Child’s School Year Off Right with a Dental Checkup

August 7, 2017 / in pediatric dentist / by FWCD-Admin
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Did you know that your child should be visiting our pediatric dentist for routine checkups and cleanings? Sometimes, people undervalue children’s need for regular access to oral healthcare because children will ultimately lose their baby teeth as adult teeth come in. Unfortunately, this common misconception can be problematic for your child’s wellbeing and oral health. Receiving regular oral healthcare services can drastically prevent your child’s risks for developing dental caries (tooth decay) and gum disease as well as increase the likelihood of detecting potential issues like malocclusions and developmental abnormalities. Summer is a great time to schedule checkups and cleanings with our pediatric dentist since we know that our patients’ lives are quite hectic during the school year.

Dental Checkups for Children

A dental checkup is actually quite thorough. It involves more than just evaluating the health of teeth and gums. During a checkup, our team will examine the health of the occlusion (the way that teeth line up and make contact) during oral function, the jawbones, and the arrival of adult teeth. When issues are detected early on, it often means that we can rectify the problem with conservative and minimally invasive treatment options. Sometimes, we can administer preventive treatments like dental sealants and fluoride treatments to prevent tooth decay if we notice issues with tooth enamel (the outer surface of teeth that protects teeth from harmful bacteria).

Professional Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are another aspect of keeping your child’s oral health a priority. A cleaning is not only important, it is a necessity for controlling harmful substances that accumulate along the roots of teeth and along the gum line. Even if your child practices proper oral hygiene at home, it is still vital to have regular dental cleanings because some substances (tartar) cannot be removed with regular brushing and flossing. Dental cleanings are gentle and non-invasive. They are also a cost-effective way to keep the gums healthy.

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