Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction

Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction

September 7, 2014 / in childrens root canal / by FWCD-Admin
Tooth Extraction

A tooth ache is a signal that there is something wrong. Decay, gum disease, or some type of infection could be the problem. A visit to the dentist is warranted … the diagnosis could mean the difference between treatment and tooth loss. When it is your child, concern goes into overdrive. A children’s root canal may be the best choice.

When this diagnosis is given, it is advisable to receive treatment by someone who specializes in treating children … a pediatric dentist. This dental professional has studied the impact treatment has on a child and will be your best option for an excellent outcome.

Unlike an adult, there are more factors to consider when faced with a children’s root canal. How old is the child, which tooth is involved, how extensive is the problem. When an adult is faced with needed endodontic therapy, it is either a root canal or tooth extraction.

The situation with a child is very different. Is the tooth a primary tooth that is close to being lost naturally? If a “baby” tooth is involved, it is important to know the facts. A primary tooth is critical to forming correct speech patterns, chewing correctly, and maintaining space for the permanent tooth to erupt.

Losing the tooth too soon can interrupt the natural growing process … remaining teeth can drift toward the open space creating problems when the permanent tooth is ready to come in.

If the primary tooth is loose, extraction would likely be recommended. There is no reason to try to salvage a tooth that will be naturally lost very soon anyway.

When a child is experiencing a problem with a permanent tooth, your pediatric dentist will x-ray the tooth to determine the extent of decay or infection. When root canal therapy is indicated, the dentist will take the time to explain to parent and patient what is involved.

A root canal has earned a much undeserved reputation as a long, painful experience; however, with the advances made in corrective dentistry, the process is usually completed quickly and without any discomfort.

Taking your child for their first dental appointment around the age of one will help familiarize your child with the dental experience. This can be important when dental treatment is needed determining whether your child will be uneasy or be able to handle this appointment with ease.

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