How can I protect my child’s teeth during sporting events?

How can I protect my child’s teeth during sporting events?

March 19, 2015 / in childrens emergency dentist / by FWCD-Admin
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Participating in sports is an excellent way for children to learn valuable skills. Studies have shown that playing sports helps with social development, teamwork skills, and of course, the importance of a physically active lifestyle. While physical activity has numerous benefits, it is important to remember that accidents happen. Sports-related injuries can lead to broken bones and facial trauma. There are steps parents and caregivers can take, however, to prevent kid’s dental injuries during physical activities. In the event of a traumatic dental or facial injury, our children’s emergency dentist offers treatment to preserve teeth and oral health.

Tips for Preventing Facial Injuries during Sports

An accidental stumble or forceful trauma to the face can result in broken or knocked out teeth, fractured facial bones, and soft tissue lacerations on the inside and outside of the mouth. Fortunately, there are means to prevent injuries likes these or at least reduce the amount of damage they inflict. The first step to preventing facial and dental injuries is to wear custom-fitted mouth guards, especially in contact sports or physical activities where falling is likely. For example, mouth guards should be worn during football, soccer, wrestling, and basketball games or matches. They are also helpful for those who cycle, skateboard, or ride horses. Mouth guards not only protect teeth and their placement, they also protect soft tissues from cuts and scrapes. Protective head and eye gear is also important for protecting the entire face and head.

What to Do During a Dental Emergency

During an emergency where your child’s teeth or oral tissues have been injured, it is important to call our office as soon as you can. Be sure to keep our office number handy—even when you’re away from home. Our children’s emergency dentist provides same-day treatment for facial and dental injuries, so it is important to provide our staff as much detail about the injury as possible so that we can better serve your child.

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