Oral Hygiene Tips for Spring Break

Oral Hygiene Tips for Spring Break

March 26, 2021 / in / by Fort Worth Children’s Dentistry
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Do you plan to ride the waves or hike the woods with your family for spring break? This vacation period will be a sure breath of fresh air after months of social distancing. You have to ensure however that you don’t take a vacation from good oral hygiene. Here are some dental health tips to make this Spring Break even more fun while on-the-go:


  • Opt for Water Instead of Sugary Drinks. Your family, especially the kids, will likely want to indulge a little bit during your break. You can expect them to want to grab a soda or juice as you stop by the gas station. You shouldn’t also be surprised if they ask for these refreshing drinks on the beach. But you should try to resist as plaque-causing bacteria never go on holiday. It’s best to pack water bottles for your adventures. Just fill them up as you go.


  • Pack Teeth-Friendly Snacks. Candies, cookies, and chips are always fun to have around, whether you’re just at home or on the road. But crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, carrots, and celery are a delicious alternative. They also help keep your mouth clean and fresh. In fact, they can serve as a natural toothbrush for wiping plaque off your teeth, tongue, and gums. Choosing these dental-friendly snacks will not only make your children’s teeth healthier, but they can also help them avoid those mood swings associated with eating junk foods.


  •  Maintain Proper Dental Routine. You may have to sleep in and stay in new places. But this shouldn’t stop you from taking care of your dental health. However you choose to relax, what matters is you sustain your good brushing and flossing habits. Remind your kids to brush their teeth for two full minutes using a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste. Urge them to floss as soon as they’re done with brushing their teeth. Rinsing their mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash is also a great idea in keeping their mouth free from microbes and food debris.


  • Keep a Pack of Sugar-Free Gum. Sugar-free gum helps stimulate the flow of saliva. This is crucial for washing away sugar and getting rid of tiny pieces of food debris. This type of gum is handy, too, if you’re driving to the mountains or traveling by air. The air pressure changes can be painful for your children as their ears adjust. Not only will chewing sugar-free gum keep their teeth and gums clean, but it also aids in easing the discomfort associated with travel.


One of the effective ways to teach your kid anything is to be a good role model. Do all of these tips so that they can learn by example. You can indeed help promote good oral hygiene for your children. But a trip to the dentist twice a year is always a must. At Fort Worth Children’s Dentistry, we can recommend the best cleaning techniques as well as dental hygiene products for your family. Call our dental office today in Fort Worth, Texas, at (817) 569-6633 to schedule your pediatric dental appointment.