Nutrition and Children's Oral Health: Foods That Promote Strong Teeth

Nutrition and Children's Oral Health: Foods That Promote Strong Teeth

July 17, 2023 / in / by Fort Worth Children's Dentistry
Nutrition and Children's Oral Health

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics urges kids to eat nutritious foods for dental and general health. Studies show that what you take in can help strengthen your teeth. Keeping teeth healthy and strong during childhood can prevent gum disease later in life. Knowing the foods to eat can make this goal easier to achieve. Here are the foods that promote strong teeth. 



Crunchy Vegetables



Firm and crunchy vegetables need more chewing. This allows them to clean dental surfaces. They also contain water that helps encourage more saliva production. Their fibers help scrub bacteria and food particles away. The minerals and vitamins in these vegetables also provide proper nourishment for tissue repair and growth in your child’s mouth.


Carrots have keratin, vitamin C, and calcium that strengthen your teeth. Along with celery, carrots can scrub away food particles and bacteria. You can have these vegetables after your meals or as snacks. If you cannot brush your teeth, eating them can help clean your teeth and the rest of your mouth. 



Leafy Vegetables



A few examples of these vegetables are kale, spinach, and lettuce. These greens are rich in minerals, vitamins, folic acid, and calcium. Your child’s gums and teeth will enjoy the benefits that they provide. Eating them raw in the form of sandwiches or salads can help clean and strengthen teeth.



Hard and Fibrous Fruits


Good examples of these fruits are pears and apples. Each bite can increase the saliva production in your child’s mouth. The fruits themselves are better than their prepared juices, which are high in sugar. More saliva can buffer the malic and citric acids that cause cavities. Chewing these fruits can also decrease the presence of bacteria due to high saliva production.






These foods are portable and healthy snacks for your child. Nuts are rich in elements, such as phosphorous and calcium, that can strengthen teeth and soft tissues in the mouth. Cashews, almonds, and Brazil nuts can fight bacteria that cause tooth decay. Peanuts are rich in vitamin D and calcium. Cashews can also stimulate saliva production. Walnuts are rich in nutrients such as zinc, fiber, and iron. 



Fatty Fish, Tofu, and Meats


Salmon and tofu are rich in phosphorous. This is an important element in strengthening the enamel of teeth. Meats have the nutrients that can help strengthen your teeth. Research shows that chewing meats can stimulate saliva production. This can then wash away food particles and neutralize bacterial acids. 



Sugar-free or Fresh Raisins and Cranberries


The oleanolic acid in raisins prevents the growth of bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities. The polyphenols in cranberries can interrupt plaque formation. Stick to fresh cranberries because packaged ones have added sugar. Snacking on raisins and cranberries can help your child maintain healthy teeth and gums.






This is the healthiest beverage that your child can drink for stronger teeth. Fluoridated water can help strengthen teeth. Staying hydrated can help your body distribute the essential nutrients in every organ system. It also eliminates waste at the right time. Drinking more water can help your child’s body and mouth stay healthy at all times. 


Teaching children to take in the right foods can give them strong teeth until they are older. At Fort Worth Children’s Dentistry, we work with parents to give their children a good start in dental health. You can drop by our clinic in Fort Worth, Texas, for a one-on-one consultation. Please call 817-646-2200 to set an appointment or ask about our dental care packages for kids.