The Latest Options for an Anxiety Free Dental Experience

The Latest Options for an Anxiety Free Dental Experience

October 19, 2015 / in IV sedation kids dentist / by FWCD-Admin
Relaxing Kid

Anxiety can really put a damper on a trip to the dentist – especially if children have already established dental fears or phobias. To help control stress and fear, our kids dentist offers IV sedation along with nitrous oxide gas and oral sedatives. When administered under the care of professionals in a clinical environment, anxiety medication can make a world of difference for a patient. We believe that kid’s dental care should be comfortable and even enjoyable. Our team makes every effort to ensure that our patients enjoy the highest quality treatment in a family-friendly and nurturing environment.

Dental Phobias and Anxiety

Sometimes it’s hard for adults to understand why children fear their pediatric dentist. What may seem like a run of the mill tantrum could actually be very strong feelings of panic and worry. Strong phobias or anxiety can carry over into adulthood and in some cases, affect a person’s willingness to visit his or her dentist regularly. To help children develop a good relationship with dental professionals, anti-anxiety medication may be used. Since this medication is manufactured specifically to stop signs of panic, sedation can help promote a healthier mindset about receiving dental care and even help children remain still during longer procedures.

Types of Sedation

Depending on your child’s needs and the level of his or her anxiety, different methods or types of medication may be used. Mild phobias during routine treatment may only require nitrous oxide gas, which is administered through a soft nasal mask. Nitrous oxide is safe and FDA-approved for treating mild anxiety and can help relieve discomfort.

For more pronounced anxiety, oral sedatives or IV sedation may be utilized. Oral sedatives are taken about an hour before one’s appointment and help stop the chemical reaction in the brain that causes panic and fear. IV sedation is especially useful when children are receiving lengthy treatment such as a tooth extraction. When administering sedation intravenously, our team can monitor patients’ vitals very closely and adjust the dosage of medication, if necessary.

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