How Do I Prepare My Child for a Cavity Filling?

How Do I Prepare My Child for a Cavity Filling?

April 29, 2021 / in / by Fort Worth Children's Dentistry
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A visit to the dentist can be a scary event for your child, even if he or she has been to the dentist before. Besides, the last visit to your child’s dentist admitted your little one into the cavity club. Now, you are wondering how you will prepare your kid for the events to come.


Even though your child’s dentist may do everything he can to ensure the process does not bring any discomfort, your child may still be afraid. Here are some tips on how you can prepare your child for the cavity-filling appointment with the dentist.


Be Calm and Positive


If your child is nervous about the cavity filling, the last thing he or she needs is to see you also anxious. Therefore, even though you may be nervous about the visit, stay positive and calm when talking to your child about it. You may even go a step further to downplay the event and act like it is nothing to worry about.


Talk Honestly and Openly


Your youngster will probably ask you many questions. You may be tempted to withhold some information, but emotionally it is better, to be honest. Explain the procedure in a way that your child can understand. The dentist can also help answer your child’s queries and help him or her feel at ease about the procedure.


Talk About Your Options


Will your child be sedated to ease anxiety and alleviate pain? Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is commonly used to help kids sit still throughout the process without experiencing any pain or anxiety. Talk to your child’s dentist to check whether your child should be in sedation and the type of sedation that will be appropriate for him or her.


Mind Your Vocabulary


Words like pain, needles, and drills may not help ease your child’s anxiety about cavity filling. When explaining to your child about the steps involved in the procedure, use friendlier terms like "sugar bugs" instead of a cavity, and you could speak of a "little pinch" that will feel funny instead of talking about needles.


Talk About Your Experience


If you have had a cavity filling in the past, let your child know about it. You can even allow your young one to peep inside your mouth to reassure him that the procedure cannot be all that bad.


Carry Comfort Items with You


If there is a toy or stuffed animal that can take your toddler’s mind off the upcoming event, allow him or her to bring it. Also, you can cue up your child’s favorite show on your smartphone with some earphones so your child can watch in the waiting lounge.


Do Not Make It Look Like a Punishment


Certainly, you want your child to understand the value of caring for his oral health. However, be careful not to make the cavity look like a punishment for your child not cleaning well enough. This can affect how your child feels about dental checkups moving forward.


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