Food Friends and Foes for Your Child’s Teeth

Food Friends and Foes for Your Child’s Teeth

July 5, 2016 / in kids dentist / by FWCD-Admin

No doubt some foods are very high on the recommended list of what your child should consume, but an occasional snack should be kept on that list so your child does not feel deprived and looks to binge on junk at their very first opportunity. Your kid’s dentist will help with guidelines for you to maintain your child’s oral health, and you need to add common sense to provide a steady upbringing that will help your child grow up to enjoy great oral and overall health.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be major contenders for your child’s daily food budget. Dairy products like cheese, reduced sugar yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, and eggs are important in a balanced diet. Protein based foods like nuts, peanut butter, beans, non-processed meats, fish, and fowl are tasty, filling, and nutritious. Limited carbohydrates like those in pasta, bread, and potatoes are approved in moderation.

But it is unrealistic to think that a child is not going to want a snack like candy, cookies, ice cream, cake, pie, donuts … the list seems endless. And what about the beverages loaded with sugar like soda, juice, and many “healthy” drinks that flood the market. And with fast food temptations on almost every corner beckoning your child with toy giveaways and glitzy marketing, it seems like an almost impossible task to keep your child’s daily food consumption healthy and within range to prevent dental decay and other oral problems from occurring.

Your child should experience their first dental visit around the age of twelve months. With pediatric dentistry, parents not only have the opportunity for an early oral exam to make sure their child’s mouth and teeth are progressing normally, but they have a professional available to answer any questions they might have regarding things like the diet needed to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

No doubt parents will give in to the occasional treat. But if your child starts out learning to enjoy foods like vegetables, fruits, and healthy snacks, by the time they start school they will have learned to incorporate wholesome eating habits into their daily regimen.

Processed foods are everywhere so provide your child with a solid, healthy food base in the early years and they will likely carry that style of eating into adulthood enjoying great oral health along the way.

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