Enjoy Safety and Convenience With Digital X-rays

Enjoy Safety and Convenience With Digital X-rays

November 4, 2015 / in childrens dentist / by FWCD-Admin

Digital x-rays offer many advantages that traditional radiographs don’t provide. Your children’s dentist can see immediate images for quick diagnosis of all dental problems, which means fewer minutes in the dentist’s chair.

Digital x-rays are also advantageous in the fact they can provide a much clearer image. With older x-rays, if the technician made a mistake in the development of the x-ray, it might be too dark or too light. Since digital imagery appears on a computer screen, the dental provider has the ability to modify the contrast to make it clearer and easier to read.

Exposure to radiation is drastically reduced. The radiation from one older x-ray is about equal to the exposure from a full set of x-rays taken digitally. This is critical, especially if the radiograph needs to be retaken to get a clearer view or a different angle.

If your children’s dentist refers the patient for pediatric dentistry, the ability to transfer x-ray images over the internet can be done in an instant. This means additional x-rays may not be needed, and both dental providers have a permanent record of the x-rays that can be stored in their computer files.

Having instant access to patient’s radiographs can be very important especially in the case of a dental emergency. In a few clicks of the mouse, the dentist can view essential dental x-rays.

Behind the scenes in many dental offices where older x-ray technology still is used, the patient cannot see the machinery and chemicals needed to process dental images. Digital eliminates the need for processing using smelly liquids that ultimately pollute the environment.

The little square image produced by older x-rays often lacks definition making diagnosis more difficult. Trying to show a patient what you’re seeing is virtually impossible. However, with digital radiography, the view is crystal clear and appears on a screen that can be enhanced with light, size, and clarity. Your dental provider can show you specifically what the problem is … no more wondering about what you’re seeing.

Digital screening can be performed externally providing a panoramic view of the patient’s entire dentition; or what most patients experience where images are taken of specific teeth.

The result means improved diagnostics taken in a safer manner. This offers a better outcome for the patient, dentist, and environment.

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