Dental Emergencies: What Parents Need to Know

Dental Emergencies: What Parents Need to Know

November 27, 2019 / in / by Fort Worth Children's Dentistry
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Being a parent can be very difficult work. Nobody knows more than a parent, that the importance of being prepared can help you have the right response at the right time, especially during an emergency. However, while we may prepare for a number of different potential issues, dental emergencies seem to catch parents completely by surprise regularly.


First, if your child has a dental emergency, you can always call Fort Worth Children’s Dentistry. Our staff has the experience you need to help get life back to normal quickly. Of course, as with any medical emergency, if there is a serious medical concern, you should call 911.



What to do if Your Child Knocks a Tooth Out


First, it is important to know if the tooth that they knocked out was a permanent tooth, or a deciduous, baby tooth. A permanent tooth should be kept moist in a container of milk. There are also products that are specifically designed to help keep a missing tooth moist. If you are looking for one of these products, just make sure that they carry the ADA (American Dental Association) seal of approval. A baby tooth does not need to be moistened but should be brought with you into the office.



What to do if Your Child Cracks a Tooth


Cracked teeth can be painful. If your child has cracked a tooth, the first thing to do is rinse the area with warm water. This can help to eliminate sources of potential infection that can get into the damaged tooth. Once the rinse has been completed, place a cool compress on the face over the affected area. This can help to reduce discomfort and swelling. You should then get in to see your dentist right away to help fix the tooth.



How to Handle a Bitten Tongue or Lip


First, it is important to understand that injuries to the face and tongue can bleed more than some other areas of the body. This means that even small cuts can look worse than they are. However, you should first clean the area with water. This will allow you to get a better look at the injury. Once the area has been cleaned, you can apply a cold compress to reduce swelling and help with discomfort. You should then make your way into our office or to the emergency room.



How to Treat a Toothache


There can be a variety of different issues that can cause a child’s tooth to hurt. It can also be difficult for them to understand which part of their mouth is really bothering them. We recommend that you first rinse out the mouth to clean the mouth. You can then gently floss your child’s teeth. This can do two things.


Sometimes children’s tooth discomfort is caused by food caught in the teeth that are irritating them. Secondly, flossing may be able to help you identify the area or specific tooth that is bothering your child. Avoid rubbing aspirin onto the area because this can burn a child’s gum tissue. If the pain continues, come see the friendly staff at Fort Worth Children’s Dentistry.


How to Remove Something Stuck in Your Child’s Teeth


You should first inspect their mouth to see if you can identify what the issue is. We then suggest using dental floss to try to remove the object or any debris gently. You should avoid using any pointed or sharp objects to try to remove anything in a child’s mouth. If that doesn’t work, call Forth Worth Children’s Dentistry today!





While dental emergencies can be pretty scary, there is a lot that you can do to prepare for the inevitable. One additional thing that you can do is put the phone number for Fort Worth Children’s Dentistry in Fort Worth, TX into your phone, or a place that you can easily access it during an emergency. Our talented and professional staff can help you get through your troubled times and get back to your normal routine.