When should a child start using toothpaste?

When should a child start using toothpaste?

May 6, 2016 / in kids dental / by FWCD-Admin

The schedule for your child’s oral care is fairly simple. Baby teeth usually start to erupt anywhere from four to six months, with some infants may even start a little later. When your baby has only a few teeth, wiping them with a clean soft cloth after bottle feeding is a great start.

The first visit with the pediatric dentist should occur at around the age of twelve months. This visit will involve a brief exam often while the child sits on a parent’s lap. This early visit is a perfect opportunity to inquire about your child’s oral health from infancy through childhood, and beyond through the teen years.

Your kid’s dental care is critical to their overall health so learning the best way to care for their teeth and gums very early in life will promote the best oral health possible for their lifetime.

Daily brushing should start when your child consumes solid foods. There are very soft bristle brushes geared toward early brushing – you can use a pea size portion of paste that is intended for babies and toddlers that are safe for baby if they should swallow.

Children often learn through example so allowing your child to watch you brush while focusing on spitting out the toothpaste is a good idea. An idea is to brush with your child making a game out of brushing and spitting. Bringing some fun into this task is more encouraging for your child than making it task oriented.

Flossing your child’s teeth should start around the same time as brushing. Using a floss pick might give you more control than trying to juggle regular floss, but use gently.

Once you are satisfied that your child has sufficiently grasped the brush and spit process, you can introduce a fluoridated toothpaste into their regimen. Supervising brushing will guarantee your child is brushing daily and correctly. Guidance and encouragement will help your child to formulate good oral care habits that will follow them even when you are no longer supervising their daily oral care.

Your child should continue to maintain consistent visits to the pediatric dentist. Early regular visits allows the child to become familiar with the sights, sounds, and smells of the dental office – if their first dental visit is a result of a toothache, subsequent dental visits become difficult due to a negative first experience.

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