Benefits of Dental Sealants

Benefits of Dental Sealants

March 1, 2022 / in / by Fort Worth Children's Dentistry
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Dental sealants have been around since the 1960s. Since then, their technology and performance have continued to improve. These include the materials used to make them and the art of applying them. Nowadays, dental professionals recommend dental sealants, particularly for children and teenagers at a higher risk of tooth decay.

They are a great way to add a protective barrier between harmful, decay-causing bacteria and the surfaces of your teeth. The biting surfaces of your molars have many tiny grooves. Bacteria can build up in the grooves, leading to tooth decay and destruction. Sealants are an effective and practical way to protect your teeth. Some of their benefits include:

They Are Suitable for People of All Ages

Many people assume that dental sealants are only suitable for kids. Granted, kids are the most common demographic for this type of treatment, but adults can also enjoy the same benefits. Your permanent teeth have small grooves too. To protect them from bacteria, you should consider covering them.

They Provide a Protective Shield Against Food Particles and Plaque

One of the benefits of getting dental sealants is that they work around the clock to protect your teeth's enamel. They provide a protective shield to keep food particles and plaque from accumulating in hard-to-reach places in your molars. By sealing the fissures and pits in your teeth, they prevent various oral health problems, such as root canals, cavities, and the need for crowns.

Application Is Pain-free

The application process for dental sealants is painless. Your dentist will use a brush to apply the sealant onto the biting surfaces of your teeth. It only takes a few seconds for the liquid resin to dry. You can then rinse your teeth and continue as normal. Essentially, the procedure is painless and quick.

They Are Long-lasting

Dental sealants applied during childhood should protect your child’s teeth throughout the cavity-prone years. With proper care, such as avoiding biting on hard objects and maintaining good oral hygiene, they can last for many years. Additionally, you can expect your dentist to check the sealant during routine dental exams and recommend reapplication as necessary.

They Can Save You Money

Besides being a painless, fast, and effective solution for protecting teeth, sealants are also a cost-effective dental restoration option. Many dental insurance providers include them in their treatments under a general policy. They prevent the need for undergoing painful and expensive treatments for cavities.

They Are Easy to Maintain and Repair

Another benefit of dental sealants is that they are easy to repair and maintain. Your dentist needs to apply more sealant when necessary to protect your teeth against cavities and decay.

They Can Support Your Oral Care Routine

Even if you carefully brush and floss your teeth daily, you may still be unable to get into the crevices and cracks of your molars. Sealants will keep out potentially harmful food particles and plaque that are hard to remove by simply brushing and flossing your teeth.

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