Are Stainless-Steel Crowns Necessary for Baby Teeth?

Are Stainless-Steel Crowns Necessary for Baby Teeth?

January 28, 2021 / in / by Fort Worth Children's Dentistry
Stainless-Steel Crowns

A stainless-steel crown is a metal crown made of stainless steel used to protect primary or baby teeth. The crown is used as an alternative to extracting a weak or decayed tooth. The crowns are premade in different sizes. The orthodontist only looks for one that fits the young patient well. If the crown covers your child’s tooth completely, he cements it.

Stainless-steel crowns are preferred to silver or white amalgam fillings because they last longer. Also, the crown protects the tooth and maintains enough space for the adult molar to grow into. A stainless-steel crown is metallic and shiny. You will hardly see it because the orthodontist places it on the back molar. Your child will enjoy having a shiny tooth. Crowns are placed on teeth that would otherwise need root canal treatment.


Are the Stainless-Steel Crowns Necessary?


Many people question the need to install the crown on baby teeth. They say that since milk teeth will come off eventually, it is easier to pull them out than place a crown on them. What these people do not realize is that these molars are in the child’s mouth for a long time. The child only begins to lose the first baby teeth at six years old and the molars at 12 or 13 years. Thus, it is okay to keep the molars in place until the permanent teeth grow. Removing them early will not make the wisdom teeth grow sooner. Also, removing them early increases the likelihood of needing orthodontic care later down the road.


The Advantages of the Stainless-Steel Crowns


Stainless-steel crowns have many advantages, including:


  • It can be used for extensively decayed teeth that other fillings cannot fix.

  • Inexpensive and durable.

  • Little, if any, sensitivity.

  • Provides full coverage for your tooth.

  • Reduces the chance of needing treatment.

  • Makes a good choice for children who may need general anesthesia.

  • Is ideal for maintaining tooth space.

  • Has tremendous success, especially for children younger than four years old.

  • Their strength is ideal for molars that must stand extensive chew pressure.


Stainless-Steel Crowns Are the Ideal Choice


Stainless-steel crowns are preferred to the traditional steel filling. They are the least expensive dental crowns for children. The crowns also last longer. Experts say stainless-steel crowns last three years more than typical crowns. The crowns are not ideal for front teeth due to their bright silver color. For decayed front teeth, opt for a filling that matches the original tooth. The crown comes off when the entire tooth falls off, leaving room for a wisdom tooth to grow.


Stainless-Steel Crown Maintenance


Generally, most patients only visit the dentist once. Crowns rarely need replacing or repair. Once the crown is installed, take care of your other teeth to prevent needing more dental work. Ensure that your child brushes and flosses his teeth regularly. He must also avoid biting into very hard food items to prevent chipping his teeth. When playing an aggressive sport, the child must always wear a mouthguard to prevent breaking a tooth. Also, make regular trips to the dentist’s for checkups and cleaning at least two times a year.


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