Are Teeth Sealants Worth It? Yes!

Are Teeth Sealants Worth It? Yes!

November 30, 2020 / in / by Fort Worth Children's Dentistry
Teeth Sealants

Teeth sealants are thin coatings that a pediatric dentist paints on the chewing surfaces of your teeth. Its primary purpose is to prevent cavities for many years. If you’re unsure whether it can help you preserve your child's beautiful smile, read on to find out more about this treatment. Here are some of the key reasons why teeth sealants are worth it:

It Prevents Tooth Decay.

Brushing your teeth and flossing in between them regularly are crucial in removing food debris and plaque. But it can be difficult to always get into all the depressions and grooves of teeth, especially for children, and the hard-to-reach molars. With teeth sealants, you can ensure that these vulnerable areas are protected. Sealants bond into the natural pits and fissures of teeth, creating a shield over the tooth enamel. This transparent, liquid barrier seals out food particles and bacteria that may be caught in these pockets and accumulate, causing tooth decay.

They’re Fast and Easy to Apply.

Unlike other dental treatments, teeth sealants involve an easy, painless process. Your pediatric dentist only needs to clean and roughen up the chewing surfaces of the teeth, then paint it with sealants. It only takes a couple of minutes to seal every tooth. In fact, you can leave the dentist office as soon as they are dry.

They’re Durable and Last for a Long Time.

Teeth sealants can protect teeth from plaque and tooth decay for up to 10 years. Your child will still need to visit for regular dental checkups, though. This way, your children's dentist can check for any chipping, cracking, or wearing. Your pediatric dentist will just repaint the sealant as needed.

It Helps You Save Money.

Getting teeth sealants may require you to spend a little upfront. But this procedure is a form of preventative maintenance. It’s almost nothing compared to how much you will have to shell out for orthodontic treatments and repairs that you or your child may need down the road. Besides, many insurance carriers cover the cost of teeth sealants for patients below the age of 18. Check with your insurance provider to see if sealants are included in your insurance plan.

Children and Adults Alike Can Benefit From Teeth Sealants.

Dentists generally recommend sealants to children who may struggle in brushing their back teeth properly. They tend to develop plaque and cavities early on in life. Teeth sealants can help stop the problem before it even starts. But adults can be susceptible to decay just the same. If you are more prone to cavities than other adults, teeth sealants are an excellent option worth considering. This dental procedure can help any patient at any age prevent plaque buildup, decay, and unwanted dental treatment and repairs.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children aged between six and 11 without teeth sealants have almost three times more cavities in their first molars compared to those school-age kids with sealants. Help prolong the life and health of your child’s teeth today with our experts in Fort Worth Children’s Dentistry. Call our office in Fort Worth, Texas, at (817) 569-6633 to schedule a consultation.