5 Tips to Make Brushing Fun for Kids

5 Tips to Make Brushing Fun for Kids

April 6, 2018 / in Pediatric dentist / by FWCD-Admin
5 Tips to Make Brushing Fun for Kids

Many parents are not aware that their child should have their first visit with the pediatric dentist at twelve months of age. Even though your child is still a toddler and may have only had their baby teeth for a few months, this early exam is important to observe any unusual or serious oral conditions that may be present that can impact your child’s oral health.

Secondly, this is a great time to learn what you can do to help your child maintain healthy teeth and gums during the many years they will be under your care. One of those responsibilities you must tackle is teeth brushing … one of the best ways to make this task as enjoyable as possible for all involved is to add a little fun.

  1. Your child should brush a full two minutes at least twice every day. Play or sing a song that lasts two minutes that you and your child can dance to while brushing. Time will fly if an activity is added to the task of brushing.

  2. Search the internet for one of the video or brushing apps that are available for kids of all ages. If technology already plays too big a role in your child’s life, you can step in and check out the apps yourself to get an idea or two to implement on your own.

  3. Storytelling works very well especially for young children … use a funny voice, read an already written story, or make one up on the fly. If your child is occupied listening to you, those two minutes will fly by.

  4. Let your child select their own toothbrush and toothpastes from the appropriate age related products. If they are allowed to make the selection, they may be more eager to use them.

  5. Is there a TV or cartoon character your child absolutely loves? Search for anything you can that incorporates the character into brushing to make it more fun.

Your pediatric dentist will recommend positive affirmation, rewards, and fun to enforce brushing. Anger and threats usually make brushing a much more difficult task and aren’t very effective in the long run. In addition to daily brushing and flossing, consistent dental visits for the entire family will help ensure great smiles and healthy teeth to support them for life.

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